...Zyphire (rebooted)


This is my hex archive — it's pretty limited right now and I lost almost all of my files from the past, so it's time to start over! I tend to enjoy the more simplistic (less body modifications, etc) hexes within the community, and so you'll find my own creations tend to be simpler in nature. Available means the file is open for additional adoptions, while Limited means I will be offering very few of them and/or the file is getting close to retirement due to numbers released. Restricted means I may release one or two time to time, and Retired means no more will be created from this file.

Rules for Adoption

· Keep 'Zyphire' in the show prefix.
· Do not alter the pet (eyes, mods, etc) — exception can be genders, and making your pet a trotter.
· Enjoy your new pet! If you're showing, I'd love to see how they're doing, etc.

Best way to contact me for a trade is on Whiskerwick, my user account is Rachel. I am particular about what I will trade for, so please don't be offended! But I'd like to think I'm very approachable. <3

Dogz Hexies

Horatio Bulldogs
Hex Date: October, 2005
Status: Available
Taken Eye Colors: #217, #210, ???
Comments: Hexed when I decided bulldogs didn't get enough love. I wanted a simple dog, and so Horatio was born. Just a white base with a black eye patch and black spots. I'm uncertain how many in this file were released.. but I guarantee it was very few.

Autumn Mutts
Hex Date: 2005?
Status: Available
Taken Eye Colors: #158, #208/181, ???
Comments: Simple file using the shepherd mutt base. Hexed for autumn, has a few spots on the bum and legs, an outlined face stripe and an outlined belly patch with a fluffy tail. Uncertain how many released but there are lots of color variation opportunities!

Jesse Danes
Hex Date: 2005
Status: Limited
Taken Eye Colors: #181, #211, #212, #184/190, #174, #???
Comments: Hexed from the Spring Danes, this was a request put in by a previous PC friend. Very few were released at the time, but I do enjoy the simplicity of the hex. Again, I'm uncertain of exact eye colors released. Features simple mutt chest patch and face stripe, and a few bum spots.

Spring Danes
Hex Date: 2005
Status: Restricted
Taken Eye Colors: #211, #167, #217/158, #175, #173, #79, #212, #130, #158
Comments: I believe this was a re-make of an old dane file I had made previously that featured hound ears and a skunk stripe (back when they were the rage). Another simplistic hex, but it was well received. Mottled texture with bum spots, chest patch and a face stripe. I managed to find a few of the images of the ones I had released, so have a decent log of eye colors taken. Restricted only because numbers released is higher · I would still release a couple more for the right trade.

Oldschool Danes
Hex Date: 2005
Status: Limited
Taken Eye Colors: #181, #211, #212, #208, #173, #176, #217, #209/179
Comments: This was a quick hex to play with an external texture — it was an older texture that had been around for a bit on a breed, I believe and I made it because I was nostalgic for the simpler days. Features one flop ear, spots, chest patch and snout patch.

Evander Danes
Hex Date: August 2017
Status: Available
Taken Eye Colors: #159/217, #206, #179, #239/190
Additional Images: Click
Comments: I really liked the leo texture used for the Oldschool Danes so I wanted to re-create the file in a way, while also playing with a few things. It's (obviously) been awhile since I've hexed (10ish+ years?) so it was very interesting.. lol. They're simple — as all my hexies, and sport the one flop ear (from a base hexing file), spots along the legs and torso, a small chest ruff and an external texture. I played around with some other textures and played with ones I rarely used in the past.. but the mottled was the one that best complimented the leo texture. I do like how it turned out, though.

Brindle Hounds
Hex Date: September 2017
Status: Available
Taken Eye Colors: #165 (grey brindle), #158 (brown brindle), #212 (brown brindle)
Comments: I wanted to play with more textures, and found these beautiful ones at Grand Theft, created by Mandi. I wanted something simple, but I find the hound ears, whiskers and mutt patches compliment them nicely.

Gratitude Danes
Hex Date: September 2017
Status: Retired
Taken Eye Colors: Shown in image
Comments: I created these from the Brindle Danes file, but using some funky textures I found at Flummery. There were three, so I hexed one with each color, and gifted the teal one to Sirius and the purple one to Nena to express my gratitude for their friendship over the years in the Petz Community.

November Danes
Hex Date: November 2017
Status: Available
Taken Eye Colors: #158
Comments: Just a simple dane hex I threw together. The leopoard spots were from a free resource and only fiddled with them a bit. I thickened the chest and neck, and then fluffed the tail.. Overall, really simple, but created to reflect the last remnants of fall.