...Zyphire (rebooted)


A classic aspect of a petz site and probably one of my favorites from back in the day. While adoptions I offer out will primarily be posted in the boards and other member driven sites, I hope to keep utilize this page a bit. Take a look below!

Rules for Adoption

· Keep 'Zyphire' in the show prefix.
· Do not alter any hexed pet (eyes, mods, etc) — exception can be genders, and making your pet a trotter.
· Natural petz can be brexed or altered.
· No adoption limit on Singles. 1 pet per person per litter.
· If no longer wanted, feel free to MPA, delete, or return. · Enjoy your new pet! If you're showing, I'd love to see how they're doing, etc.

Adoption Form

· Your Name:
· Your Email:
· Pets Name:
· Comments: Pets are freebies, but if multiple people apply for the same pet, offering a reason why you want them helps your chances.

To apply, please email the above form to rachel.edgett@hotmail.com with 'adoption' listed somewhere in the subject.


Lolita - Poodle Mix


Hook x Outside

HoOu1 · HoOu2 · HoOu3 · HoOu4 · HoOu5
A small poodle mix litter. I was testing out how some of my poodles bred and these were from a pair.

Cody x Chickasaw

CoCh1 · CoCh2 · CoCh3 · CoCh4
CoCh5 · CoCh6 · CoCh7 · CoCh8
Just playing around with some dane mixes. I love the variation.
All of them have a chest patch and face streak.