About Zyphire

Zyphire Petz is a reboot of a petz site I used to run in the early to mid 2000's. It was one of my many sites over the years, given I had changed names multiple times (Serenity Kennels, East Coast Petz, Sparkplug, Aftersh0ck, and who even knows how many others) and probably the one that meant the most to me. It's original conception came to be over a lazy summer, and the first layout was an iframe with lots of bright oranges and greens with some midi playing in the background... and to this day, it was probably one of my favorite designs.

I couldn't tell you the exact timeframe when I left the PC officially... It probably would have been around 2007-2008. Zyphire laid dormant for quite a few years with my petz on a floppy disk, until Janena @ Amenity coaxed me in to the Facebook group for the petz community in 2017. There was a petz revival, and at the time, I was at home looking after my newborn daughter... Petz was the perfect activity I could do to unwind in my spare time. Zyphire was reborn, old petz were found, and new petz gained. I absolutely love how far this community has come over the years, and I love how welcoming it still is to this day.

About Rachel

I hope to actually expand this section a bit more but for now, here are some basics: I'm a wife of 8+ years, mother of two beautiful children (4 and 2), Australian Shepherd dog mom and self-published author. I live in a quiet farming community in Nova Scotia, Canada and have a profound love of both coffee and wine. I have an addiction to nail powder dips and gel polish, writing, and binge-watching series. I'm a huge sucker for Christmas, cozy socks and reading.

Previous Layouts

Zyphire has had quite a few different layouts over the years.
The site was re-opened in August of 2017, and below are the past layouts we've had.

The first layout of our re-opening. This was an attempt at a throw back to some of the 'old school' petzy sites and probably my favorite layout. Built from HTML.. after a few years away from site design it was definitely a learning curve again.

A re-design of the layout to winter-ize the site. I loved this layout... it was just cozy. Also had some falling snowflakes.

This wasn't necessarily the next layout, but I don't have a screenshot of the previous one, as that one didn't last long. This was created with a WordPress theme as I tried to switch the site over for simplicity reasons. After this layout, my host went down and I lost everything the coding for the site.

This was the first layout I used on neocities.org. Never quite opened the site with it, so a bit of a miss, but I really liked it so I want to showcase it here. Maybe I'll bring it back for next year! The basic coding of the site was from a resource site, though I adjusted it to have an iframe and changed some elements.
Base website code and web graphic elements from loveblush.net. Some web graphic elements from Moonstone.