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Folk x Hail

Keylime · Halo · Clarke · Punkin · Sawyer
I'm completely addicted to calico mixies.. and so am resisting the urge to keep every one of these guys! These guys are completely patch free.. except for the odd chest patch and face streak. Halo's eyelids are brown.. Feel free to hex them. :)

Author x Tess

Cadence · Symphony · Harmony · Poet · Sonata · Rhapsody · Rhyme · Song
Purebred labs! I'm really pleased with the outcome of this litter.. Lots of variation in coat and eye color! There's definitely not enough lab litters out there.

Random Tamsins

Altezza · Junior · Angelic · Belden · Dove · Cubes
I went breeding crazy with my tamsins, testing out pairs. These are the ones I thought were worth adopting out.. *cough* Might have stolen Dove. >.>

Random Tamsins 2

Fly · Mia · Lily · Riley · Munch · Southern
Random tamsins from random pairs. :)

Lemonade x Princess

Maya · Twister · Clone · Velvet
Lemonade babies! No one would know who Lemonade is.. but he's one of my favorite calico mixies. These guys are adorable.. Not much eye variation, but I love the coat colors.